Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My August Of Style

Hello everyone,

Fall has officially begun. I don't know about you, but as soon as September starts, even if the weather is so good it can fool you that it's still summer, something in the air whispers "autumn". I can't quite put my finger on it, but as soon as I come home from my summer vacation around the end of August I can already sense the difference in the things around me. 

I decided to do a monthly post (or a weekly one, it will depend) with all or most of the outfits I wore during that month or week. Instead of doing posts every couple of days with only one outfit in each, which, in my humble opinion, can become quite boring, I thought it'd be best to gather many looks and feature them into one long post. I don't have the time to take HQ shots and edit them, therefore all the pictures are taken from my phone. I found that's the beauty of it. Nothing's photoshopped. In my photos it is just me wearing what I was actually wearing that day not what I chose to put on just for the sake of taking a few photos for the blog. It's authentic and realistic.

All these pictures are taken in Ermioni, in my summer house or outside. 

Top: Forever 21 /Skirt: Stradivarius /Necklace: Promod /Shoes: Zara /Bag: Accessorize

Top: H&M  /Pants: ZARA /Shoes: Stradivarius/Bag: Accessorize

Top: Zara /Skirt: Forever21 /Necklace: Accessorize /Shoes: Zara /Bag: Accessorize
Top: Zara /Shorts: H&M /Necklace: Accessorize  /Shoes: Zara 

Dress: Zara  /Shoes: Stradivarius /Necklace: Accessorize/ Bag: Coach

Top:  H&M /Skirt: Forever21 /Shoes: Stradivarius /Bag: Coach
Dress: H&M /Shoes: Stradivarius //Bag: Coach
Top: Forever 21 /Skirt: Stradivarius /Earrings:  Forever 21
Top: Zara/Skirt: Girls on Film / Earrings: Forever 21/ Shoes: Stradivarius /Bag: Accessorize

Top: Forever 21 /Shorts: Zara /Shoes: Stradivarius /Bag: Accessorize

Top: Zara /Shorts: Zara /Shoes: Bershka /Bag: Topshop

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Friday, August 29, 2014

From Summer To Fall: 7 tips to step into the season

Here we are again..

Tan lines fade and suitcases are finally being put away as we slip into September's dullness and new beginnings..

Remember when I did a post last season on how to achieve a smooth style transition from winter to spring? (You can check it here) Well, I felt it was only appropriate to do a post on now to avoid the awkwardness of having nothing to wear when the weather  does not say summer but not exactly scream autumn either. For me at least, changing up my style over that period of time helps me avoid the bore that September can be and I want to share with you 7 fast and economical ways you can get that yourself.


While sandals scream beach and summer dresses, ballerinas and oxford flats are the perfect preppy answer to the question what shoes to go for. Time to pull those out again and give your summer wardrobe a twist.


I love a good ol' pair of denim shorts because they're a no-brainer but culotte shorts are a more unpredictable and a definitely more comfortable choice for those still warm early Fall days. 


This season is all about midi. Fall collections have already hit the stores and the racks are packed with midi length skirts and dresses. This hem length is right up our street for so many reasons: it protect our legs from the chill, it's a lifesaver for those who weren't gifted with long and lean limbs and you're not afraid of a wardrobe malfunction if you bend over. 


Of course that has to do with the weather where you live. But do not overlook the 3/4 sleeve; it is a nice idea that covers up (most of your) arms and also maintains that flirty, lighthearted flair of late summer.


Don't get me wrong, I love my statement jewelry all year round. But this is just an idea to spice things up and switch from time to time. There's definitely a few light, printed scarves hanging around in your closet, dig them out and show them some love!


We've had plenty of color-blocking and unexpected, funky color combinations. Autumn is all about the basics and keeping it minimal. Or you can be bold and mix and match. 


Cute prints are lovely for spring and summertime but nothing beats a 'back to school', preppy outfit. Plaid is the way to go and you'll make Blair Waldorf proud. Darker florals are absolutely in style as well, as they have taken over large fashion chains and designer boutiques. Replace your turquoise and fuschia prints with some berry-hued and earthy-toned alternatives and you won't miss.

Did you find any of this useful? What are your tips? 
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel/Vacation Style: Do's & Dont's

We're right in the heart of summer and for some of us, it already feels like we're living out of our suitcase.

Truth is for the past few weeks, I am in a semi-packed situation, since I've been traveling a bit, so unpacking and then re-packing sort of feels like a waste of time. This has been an incredible summer so far and July has been very kind to me. I finally start to feel like the pressure is lifted off my shoulders after a hectic spring/early summer with continuous exams and intensive studying sessions.

Feeling inspired by my own little trips and whereabouts I decided it was appropriate to make a post on my travel essentials/outfits and tips for packing the right things.

When packing I feel like always less is more. Especially when you're traveling abroad you have to keep in mind that your suitcase will come home with more stuff than what you originally packed.


When it comes to clothing, less is more. Do not pack 'options'. Decide what you're going to wear and where and stick to that. I usually go for outfits that comprise of 2 pieces (meaning a top and a bottom) so I can mix and match during my trip.

As far as accessories go, do not overdo it. When you're traveling, especially during summertime, you should aim for comfort and casualty without looking basic of course. Take a couple of statement pieces as these will give life to your simple tees and shorts. As for shoes, I say no to heels unless I go somewhere really special. You always have to keep in mind the environment and the concept of the place where you're going to flaunt your outfit. If it's a Greek island, with its narrow, cobblestone pavements and rocky landscape, heels are definitely a no-no. If you're going to a glamorous metropolitan city like Paris or New York, or staying at a fancy resort, then why not don these fab stilettos?

Here's 2 outfits I wore when I was in Mykonos and Milos: (taken from my Instagram)

Beauty/ Makeup

The good thing about makeup during the summer holidays is that you don't have to think too much about it. Going makeup-free on most days feels right. You also got that tan that makes everything better, right? However, we do want to glam it up from time to time so packing a few lifesaving products is a must.

My advice is go for lightweight but long-wearing products. My go-to picks would be tinted moisturizer/BB cream, waterproof mascara, a long wearing cream eyeshadow and a little bronzer-blush palette that can also serve as eyeshadow. And as for the lips, get yourself some lip balm and a couple of cute colorful lipglosses. No heavy liners, cakey powdering or heavy-duty concealing. Let your natural beauty show through.

Your skincare though, is not something to go easy on. Good cleansing and moisturizing is absolutely necessary at this time of the year (or any time really) since your skin will be exposed to a lot of sun, dirt, sweat and the like. Never, but NEVER skip your SPF and make sure to re-apply during the day. I made that mistake myself when I was in Milos and forgot to re-apply my facial SPF after I got out of the sea so I ended up with a red nose - not cute.

Make sure to also keep your body moisturized with a good body lotion, I suggest a cooling one with aloe vera that will soothe the skin after the sun. Exfoliation is also important if you're tanning to maintain an even color. Keep in mind that you need to pack mini travel versions of the products or if you're staying somewhere really long, buy them from there (if of course the items you want are available).

An extra thing to throw in your beach bag is what I call my "fancy water" which is thermal spring water with soothing properties that make you feel refreshed. Mine is the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, but there is also an Evian one that is quite good and an Avene one. French Pharmacy brands really nail it when it comes to skincare in my opinion.

Here's a few outfit ideas and beach essentials I came up with:

The Laid Back Tourist

The Cosmopolitan Jet Setter

The Preppy Vacationer

Travel Essentials